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Step 1

Enter the package type and weight details and of your shipping.

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Step 2

Enter address details.

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Step 3

Click “Get Offer” and click on “Select Offer” to book the price alternative you wish.

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Step 4

Enter your shipping reason, currency and load content.

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Step 5

Enter the sender and receiver addresses.


Choose the most suitable shipping service option.

Compare and purchase the most eligible service option from Economy, Express, and PTT Cargo services in accordance with your needs and budget.

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Economy Service

It is divided into 3 different categories: USA Economy, Europe Economy, and England Economy.

  • In order to utilize USA Economy Service, the volumetric weight of your package must not exceed 0.5 and its total weight must be under 500 grams.

  • There are not any limitations as to the packages to be shipped using Europe Economy and England Economy services.

  • In order to use USA Economy Service, you must be practicing micro export and have an IOSS number.

Express Service

It covers the deliveries to all over the world each evening by air cargo. The packages shipped with express service do not have a limitation of volumetric weight and are carried by companies such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS.

PTT Delivery

It covers the shipment of packages weighing up to 30 kilograms.


Automatize your entire shipping process.

Upload all the necessary documents into the Navlungo panel and effectively manage your shipping process online.

Yurt dışı kargo operasyonlarınızı otomatikleştirerek yönetin.

Hand your cargo to our courrier officer at your doorstep.

Pack your products, deliver them to courrier right away at your doorstep, pay nothing.

Kurye hizmeti ile gönderinizi kapınızdan aldırın.

Track your cargo online, get live customer support.

Have complete visibility of your order’s movement, notify your customers instantly.

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