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You can learn the basics of shipping via Navlungo by scanning the questions frequently asked by our users.

You can use Navlungo for the entire shipping processes for your import and export organizations around the globe.

You make your payment within the specified period of time to the carrier company you chose.

Once you provide the documents required and complete your sign up, you can use the platform for free.

You can track your freight easily by reaching out to our operation specialist or by mailing to “[email protected]”.

Navlungo checks the insurance policies of the companies that will carry your cargo, and informs you if your freight price exceeds the CMR prices. All necessary procedures are carried out by Navlungo umbrella insurance, so that you and the transport company do not suffer from any injustice.

No, you do not have to have a company to send samples or gifts abroad. However, you must have a company to practice cross-border e-commerce or micro export.

Volumetric weight is calculated through multiplying the width, length and height of the shipment and dividing the result by 5000.

The main difference between these two cargo services is their delivery time lengths. Express cargoes are delivered faster than economy cargoes. Whereas, economy service delivery is cheaper than express service delivery.

You can connect your online stores on global marketplaces such as Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Wish, Shopify, WooCommerce, Ticimax, İkas to your Navlungo account. This enables you to automatically see your order on your Navlungo dashboard once you have it on your online store. After this process, you can prepare your proforma invoice only by entering the product information, HS Code, and amount on the bill of lading. (The bill of lading is created automatically on the Navlungo panel.)

Yes, you can utilize our courier service for free in 21 different cities of Turkey including İstanbul. In order to demand a courier, you should choose the specific shipment on the “My Shippings” panel and click on the “Request Pickup” button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

No. The payment of overseas cargoes should be made in advance by the sender. When your cargo arrives at our warehouse, its volumetric weight is recalculated, and entered into the system. Then, a payment screen is opened on your account and you can complete your payment.

Micro export is a type of cross-border e-commerce which covers the shipments up to 300 kg of weight and 15.000 Euros of invoice amount. While practicing micro export, you do not need to hire a customs officer, you can send your shipments via ECCD document.

You can select the “Micro export” option among the shipment types on the Navlungo panel. Then, you should create an e-archive invoice which contains the HS Code of your product, in Turkish language. You can upload this invoice of your shipment through the “Upload File” button on the “My Shipments” tab. After we ship your product abroad, your ECCD document is mailed to you. You can apply for a tax refund with this document.

Having created your shipment on the system, the next step is printing your shipping label through the “Print Shipping Label” button for the relevant shipment. After visibly attaching the label on the package, you can send it to our warehouse, for free. (All the other documents that you upload into the system are printed by our warehouse staff.)

Your operation specialist will tell you the amount needed to insure your shipping according to your shipping content and value of your package. If you accept insuring your package, this insurance amount is added to your total shipping price.

It is not mandatory to have insurance. If you do not choose to insure your package, only a maximum of 100 USD is refunded in case of damage or loss. Therefore, we recommend you to insure your valuable packages.

P.S. We would like to kindly inform you that even if you had insurance, full compensation shall not be provided for the products that are inherently fragile or packaged in an incorrect way.

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