About Us

Navlungo is a logistics tech company that embraced the target of digitizing the entire logistics process. The brand idea was generated back in 2017 when four Turkish engineers came together and asked a simple question: "Why cannot we experience the convenience of buying online flight tickets in the field of logistics?"

After two years of dedicated field research, Navlungo was qualified to be granted by TÜBİTAK in the TÜBİTAK 1512 Individual Young Entrepreneurship Program in 2019. From that on, Navlungo started serving companies and individual online store owners.

Adopting a technology-based growth strategy, Navlungo never stops investing in its IT team. It is highly significant to listen to the customers proactively and put new features and implementations into use for a better customer experience.

Navlungo manages the entire logistics and cargo processes of freight-owning customers and companies & marketplace sellers practicing cross-border e-commerce. They can request multiple logistics quotes online and select the most appropriate one for their need and budget.

What Navlungo offers to its customers is a completely automatized and digitized logistics process through its global marketplace integrations.

After adjoining with international fulfillment & e-commerce logistics company ParkPalet in 2021, Navlungo has become a much more essential player of the global logistics ecosystem. ParkPalet manages warehousing and fulfillment operations of the cross-border e-commerce companies via its exquisite order management software.

Navlungo assists thousands of companies operating in more than 230 countries across the world in order to strengthen their international logistics chain.

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