E-Commerce Logistics

We help you automate your logistics, reduce costs, and amplify your competitiveness. Integrate your store, get cargo quotes, ship, store and fulfill seamlessly.

E-İhracat Lojistiği

The simplest, fastest, most convenient way of shipping your cargo abroad.

Get the best offer for your shipment

After you enter your order information, you get multiple price offers right away, compare them and choose the most suitable alternative to you.

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Convenient Delivery Options

Navlungo offers three different alternatives of delivery services; Economy, Express, PTT Delivery.

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  • Economy Service

    It is divided into 3 different categories: USA Economy, Europe Economy, and England Economy.

  • Express Service

    It covers deliveries shipped to all around the world every evening by air cargo, using the carriers such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS. There is not a volumetric weight limitation for the packages shipped with express service.

  • PTT Delivery

    It covers the shipment of packages weighing up to 30 kilograms abroad, in an economic way.

Provide Process Automation with Online Store Integration

With overseas marketplace integrations such as Etsy, Wish, Ebay, Shopify, and WooCommerce every order you receive instantly turns into a cargo demand, and your cargo transactions are organized in the fastest way.

Yurt dışı pazar yerindeki mağazanızı veya kendi e-ticaret sitenizi entegre edin.

Reliable and Convenient Payment Options

You can complete your payment by bank transfer, credit card, or using the balance system, depending on your preference. You only pay when you ship.

Güvenilir Ödeme Seçenekleri

Delivery and Customs Document Management

Documents and customs documents required for shipment are automatically created on the system. You can trace the process on the panel without any effort.

Yurt Dışı Sevkiyatlarınız İçin Otomatik Belge Yönetimi

Real-time Cargo Tracking

You get detailed reports on the status, location, and stage of your cargo. Also, win your buyers’ trust by giving them complete visibility of their orders’ movement.

Gerçek Zamanlı Kargo Takibi

Fulfillment and E-Commerce Storage Solutions

You can enjoy e-commerce logistics and fulfillment services we present in 8 different countries. Get warehousing, order processing, invoicing, packaging, shipping, return, and customer management services on the same panel.

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